Where To Put Tag On Dogs Collar

Where To Put Tag On Dogs Collar?

A dog is a faithful and humble animal, and people loved to take it as a pet. Pet dogs usually live with their owners outside the house and protect them from intruders. Pet dogs have sharp senses, and they have already learned where to sleep, eat and, excrete.

Almost every pet lover places a collar on their dog’s neck, which is necessary these days. The owners can easily make their dog collar attractive and unique by putting a tag on the collar. but the question is Where To Put Tag On Dogs Collar or why do owners need a collar?

The main reason is that, even though pets have sharp senses, they might mislay there when you take them for a walk. Dogs are sensible, but when it comes to playing, they don’t care where they are going and, in the end, they find themself lost. Thus, a dog’s collar with a tag is crucial because this might save your pet dog from being strayed or lost.

The question is how and where to put tag on dogs collar. And what should be written on the tag? Here are the details of the correct place to put a tag on the dog’s collar.

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Where To Put Tag On Dogs Collar

Attach To The Regular Collar

According to the dog’s collar rule, you should give a regular pet dog a maximum of 2 collars at a time. These collars should neither be tight nor un-secure, having a proper grip on the dog’s neck. Although dogs don’t have to wear collars all the time, when there is a risk of them going astray, they should necessarily have a collar with identity tags all the time.

The best place to attach tags is on the dog’s regular collar which you should evenly tie. If you connect the tags with the training collar, it might cause the dog to choke.

Where To Put Tag On Dogs Collar?

Tags should be attached to the regular collar of the dog properly. If tags are not evenly tied, the dog might drop them down while jumping or playing. You should attach the labels to the regular collar with the help of S and D clips or rings.

You have to hook up S-hook to the D-ring, which gives a solid grip for the tag bands. This hook-up has a firm grip and loose band that allows the dog to breathe correctly, and even if one tag gets tightened, it can cause choking the dog.

  1. You should buy a good quality collar tag with a GPS tracking chip; this will track your dog’s location if he gets astray. The tag should have S-hook and D-split ring lock system. The tag band should be strong.
  2. Now, insert the tag into the tang band. The tag must have written all the essentials and contact information. Using a necessary tool, you have to tighten the hook of the label firmly.
  3. Then place this collar with the hooked tag on the pet’s neck and hook up the S-hook with a D split ring. You can use a pair of pliers.

In the same way, you can also hook-up up two tags of small size with the same collar or with another collar.

What To Write On The Tags?

Tags must have the necessary information on them, and this is an essential step. Here is a list of things you must write on your pet dog’s collar.

  • The Owner’s Name

If a pet dog goes astray, people may recognize him by his owner’s name, so you should write your name along with your contact number on the collar’s tag on the upper front. The owner’s name will help the nearby people recognize the dog’s owner and take him to his house. 

  • Contact Number

you should write the contact number on the front top of the dog’s collar tag. If your dog goes astray, the primary concern of the finder is your contact number; otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to return the dog to the owner.

  • Reward

Usually, during a morning walk or playing in the park, dogs run away and forget the way home. In some cases, people steal pet dogs which might sound awkward, but the statement is true; sometimes, people intentionally steal the dog for different unethical purposes. The thief might take your dog to his home or sell it to someone else. In that case, if you write a reward offer on the dog’s collar, this might be enchanting for the thief, and he may return your dog in greed of money. But in the end, you will have your dog.

  • Home Address

The fourth thing on the collar tags of the dog should be the owner’s address. In some cases, dogs, while playing, crosses streets and forget the way home. In that case, if a neighbor or nearby friend finds him, he might take him to your house. The home address will also help police to find and recognize your dog.

  • Medical Statements

Some dogs are allergic to certain things such as colds, or sometimes, people are allergic to dogs. So you should write on the tag whether your dog is allergic to rabies or not, or if its bite is safe or infectious. In that case, if someone finds him, he will stay alert and take care of your pet dog too.

  • Pet Dog’s Name

A Pet dog’s name is a necessary item to write on its collar tag. If a thief steals your dog, you can easily claim by showing the tag on his neck. Furthermore, a pet dog’s name is his biggest reflex, even if he gets stolen; by taking his name, you can easily catch his attention, and his sudden and overwhelming response will prove that you are his actual owner.

Besides this, you can also use a shock collar to prevent your dog from leaving his boundary. Sometimes, dogs misbehave and get undisciplined; for this purpose, there is a specially designed collar that gives the dog an electric shock of a few amperes, due to which he gets disturbed and stops covering distance.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly get important facts about where to put tag on dogs collar. we will also discuss some creative ideas that are helpful for dog owners to put attractive tags on the collar.

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